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Here you can find our most asked questions

Got any other question just get in touch over the contact form

Do you do gluten free bagels?

Unfortunatly we do not due to cross contamination issues, we make our bagels fresh every morning in our bakery in Porthleven. This makes it impossible for us to guarantee any gluten free options.

Why are you card only?

Since we opened we have been a card only business. Mostly there is only one staff int he shop at the time. Once we do touch money we have to wash our hands every time. As we can get very busy at times this is safing us time and hassle. 

Do you do wholesale?

We currently have a few wholesale customers that sell our bagels. For now we only operate on a collection basis as we are only a small team. But we are looking into postal wholesale order. Just drop us a message.

When are you open?

For our opening hours please click here, or check on
google maps for our up to date opening hours.

Are your bagels vegan friendly?

Our bagels themselfs are all vegan exept the cheese and jalapenos bagel. For the fillings we do have vegan but also veggie and meat options.

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